Why is this happening?

The existing Carlton and Granville buildings are expensive to run and maintain and need upgrading. By thinking strategically about the site now, Brent Council hopes to meet all three of these aims:

(i)                  ensure it can provide long-term, sustainable community space for South Kilburn,

(ii)                provides new housing, and

(iii)               make the most efficient use of their land assets as required by national government.

Will the existing buildings be retained?

The Carlton building, and part of the Granville building will be kept, repaired and improved. The recent (2000s) extensions as well as part of the Granville building will be demolished in order to (i) improve access to the site and building layout, (ii) increase the amount of community and workspace provision and (iii) ensure that the project is viable.

When is it happening?

The Council is committed to this project, with an intended completion date of 2022. Construction will begin with the refurbishment of the Carlton building and new community hall in 2020, with later phases of new buildings in 2021 in order to minimise double decanting.

The council is required to provide much needed new homes across the borough, and this site is judged as able to accommodate 18 new homes, carefully integrated and juxtaposed next to the community facilities.

Why will there be new homes on this site?

Who will the new homes be for?

The aim is that all homes are for social rent. There will be a high proportion of family homes with 3no. 2-beds (17%), 4no. 3-beds (22% ) and 7 no. 4-beds (39%).

Current designs propose 18 new homes of varying sizes. The South Kilburn masterplan allocates about 40 homes to this site. As shown at previous consultations, we had looked at schemes that provide around 40 homes. Following concerns raised by the community and through careful assessment of the relationship between homes and community spaces, we have reduced this number.

How many homes does the council plan to put on the site? 

Current proposals give the opportunity for all existing facilities to be re-housed, with improved provision. We are working closely with all organisations to this end.

Will all current facilities on the site be re-provided?

Funding to date has come from the GLA and Brent Council. Funding for the full delivery of this scheme is expected to be from a number of sources including Brent Council, GLA and SKT.

How will it be funded?

The council is committed to re-providing community space. There will be two new flexible community halls as well as other community spaces of varying sizes.

Will there be a community space for general use?

How will the community spaces be managed?

This space could be run by SKT as it is now. Management by others would also be possible.

‘The Granville’ – a GLA funded interim ‘Enterprise & Community Hub’ - has opened in the Granville Centre in Spring 2018, managed by the South Kilburn Trust. This will run for about 5 years, accommodating and supporting ‘start-up’ businesses and providing community space. Part of the Carlton building is temporarily in use by Rumi’s Cave (ULFA Aid charity).

What is happening to the buildings in the meantime?

Leaflets were sent to all properties within a half-mile radius of the site, and also distributed through some local organisations. Over 12,000 were issued. Email invitations were also sent to over 30 local community organisations and to those who joined the mailing list.

How did you publicise the consultation events?

The proposals were submitted for planning approval at the beginning of July 2019. There will be no further consultation events, but if you are interested in being involved in the detailed design, process, management or any other community organisation, please contact the Estates Regeneration Team at Brent Council on 020 8937 6140 or ersk@brent.gov.uk.

How can I get involved?

The Trust is a UK charity, based in London. On the project they have supported the design team in delivering ‘Social Value’. They worked with a group of local young people interested in architecture and have supported them to lead a youth-led consultation at the Drop-In event in October. Please contact Chelsea Way at chelsea@stephenlawrence.org.uk to learn more.

What is the Stephen Lawrence Trust and what is their role?