The Key Stakeholders

Granville Community Kitchen

Granville Community Kitchen empowers community through food related activities enabling the South Kilburn community to access nutritious, affordable and sustainable food. Granville Community Kitchen reaches out to marginalised people in the community such as those with longterm health conditions, learning disabled adults and those experiencing hunger and food insecurity. It builds food literacy, skills and confidence. This is achieved through cookery classes, volunteering opportunities, and organic food gardening.

Granville Community Kitchen reduces isolation and strengthens community cohesion through regular group activities including community meals, film nights and community events. GCK works in partnership at the moment with The Otherwise Club, City Harvest London, Marks & Spencers, North Paddington Food Bank and Nur Projects.



Granville Plus Children's Centre

We offer the following services:

  • Stay and play groups

  • Family support

  • Support for young parents

  • Support and information on how get in to work

  • Speech and language support

  • Child minding network

  • Guidance on how to access training

  • Sessions for dads and male carers

  • Breast feeding support

  • Baby health clinics

  • Information and support for expectant parents and carers

  • Opportunities to become a volunteer

  • Information and advice for parents who are worried about

  • their child’s health and/or development

  • Classes for parents and carers

  • Parenting classes

  • Special needs group



Granville Plus Nursery School

Who Are We For?
Granville Plus Nursery School is a maintained nursery school, funded by the government via Brent Children and Young People Department:

  • Places funded by Nursery Education Grants for vulnerable 2 Year Olds (NEG2) and for 3 and 4 year olds (NEG3/4).

  • We also take babies from 6 months funded by parental fees.

  • The School also has funded places for children with additional needs. We have additionally resourced provision for children with Autism (Horizon), for children with a range of significant educational and medical needs (CWD places) – for children locally and from across Brent.

  • We take children who are being supported by Social Care, as part of Brent’s provision.

  • Our opening hours can support parents who work or study full time; we open currently from 8am to 6pm, for 48 weeks of the year.

  • Funded places for children with additional needs are allocated by the Under Fives Specialist Panel, based on an Early Help Assessment submitted by a professional involved with the child.

Ethos and Values

  • Confident Learners with Strong Communication Skills: We want children at Granville Plus to feel confident and valued, safe and secure (emotionally as well as physically). We believe children have a right to be heard and to have opinions. We want to foster children’s autonomy. We encourage them to make decisions, and we involve them in dealing with the outcomes of their actions.

  • Collaborative Relationships: We aim to learn from parents’ knowledge of their children, and we seek to involve parents in their children’s learning. Every child has a Home Visit before starting, and we involve parents in settling their child.

  • A Challenging Curriculum to develop Children’s Creativity: We want each child to develop to his or her fullest potential across the whole range of possibilities. We have high expectations of children’s achievement. We also aim to develop children’s dispositions towards learning. Children learn in an integrated way, and we aim to support this, in both child-initiated and adult- initiated experiences.

  • We accept the Play Safety Forum principle that "children both need and want to take risks in order to explore limits, venture into new experiences, and develop their capacities, from a very young age and from their earliest play experiences", and believe this equally applies to children with disabilities. We therefore aim to provide controlled opportunities for children to encounter and learn to manage risk, thus equipping them to deal with similar hazards in the wider world.

  • The School operates a "free-flow" between the inside areas and the outside garden. Children can choose where they wish to develop their learning, inside or out, and in and out of the different rooms.

  • The children are free to choose where they will concentrate their play and learning, be this inside or outside.

  • The garden is therefore an integral part of our planned curriculum. As far as possible it is available throughout the day, in most weathers, with adults joining the children in their play. The garden is an essential part of how we work. It is an exploratory learning space, not a park.

  • We have a long tradition of taking children out on trips to stimulate and extend their learning. Trips out are fun. They are also an extension of the School’s work, and parents are always involved.

  • We uphold British Values, which we believe underpin human rights. All children have a right to take part in everything we offer, even those with significant needs.

"The best way to prepare children for adult life is to give them what they need as children”. Tina Bruce



The Otherwise Club

The Otherwise Club is a community centre for families choosing to learn together without school. It provides opportunities to meet regularly, exchange views, offer mutual support, as well as organise activities and trips for families with at least one child of school age out of school.

With many families involved, The Otherwise Club has evolved into a community centre for home educating families, with the aims of:

  • providing regular social space for families to exchange views, ideas and support each other

  • providing workshops, group activities and trip in the UK and abroad chosen by members and in which all members are able to participate

The Otherwise Club has been based at The Granville since its inception in 1993 and has become an important part ofthe landscape in South Kilburn.



The South Kilburn Trust

The South Kilburn Trust is a leading local charity supporting the communities of South Kilburn. We provide a range of local services including: Business Start-Up Advice, Employment and Training Advice, Elder's Lunch Club, Outdoor Gym, ASK – Free Legal Advice, Summer Sports, Weekly Walking, Group Community Spaces to Rent, Community Events.

In 2018, we will be running the newly re-launched The Granville which will offer:

  • Workspace

  • Venue Hire

  • Community services

  • Cafe

To find out more visit or or email us at



The Concord Cafe

The Concord Cafe is no longer based on the Carlton & Granville Centres site.